the PRISM Business Club

An exclusive sales & marketing focused business club For Coaches, Consultants, And Small Business Owners.

Would you like a single, central, safe, supportive space for all things

Marketing, Sales, Networking and Tech to grow your business?

Mystified by the Marketing?

Do most people you can help even know you exist?

Does your day to day work leave you little time to engage in any form of real marketing activity?

Does a lack of marketing skills and training lead to you continually stabbing in the dark and not knowing which 'guru' to believe?

Saddened by your Sales?

Do you hate the idea of finding, qualifying, and having to sell your services?

Would you prefer a steady controllable supply of leads asking to buy your services, so you don't have to sell?

When your marketing is done right, Sales becomes easy!

Nervous about Networking?

Does the thought of doing 60 seconds at a networking event fill you with dread?

Would you like somewhere safe and supportive to practice your elevator pitch?

Do you need a consistent message so that people flock to you at networking events? 

Traumatised by the Tech?

Are you overwhelmed and confused by all the technical options offered to you?

Unsure of which social media platform to use and what to post?

Would you like a tech team to advise you and guide you in the right direction?

Sneak Preview!!

and this is just 25% of what's available

Welcome to: the PRISM Business Club

What it is......

The brainchild of two marketing experts with an impressive tech background, our goal is to bring everything you need to succeed in your business in one supportive place.

We’ve got a whole bunch of things to share, its been a couple of years in development, and we’re really excited to finally get this project off the ground.

But we’re not quite there just yet!  

We’re now looking for a small group of coaches, consultants, and small business owners who want to get in at the very start and help us with Beta testing before we go live.

As a beta tester you’ll be one of a few special members who’ll qualify for our founder member deals when we launch because, quite frankly, you’ll be the very first to know!

Are You Great At What You Do?

But Not Getting The Rewards You Deserve?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically......

  • Identify And Capture Qualified Buyers To Work With
  • Remove The Pain Of Selling And Help Them Understand Why They Should Buy
  • Only Talk To Prospects Who Ask To Buy What You Have To Offer?
  • Get coaching and advice all in one safe and supportive place


have all this going on in the background, running on autopilot, without you lifting a finger?

WAIT.... You can?

Enter your details below and

we’ll add you to our wait list. 

Be one of the first people to see inside the PRISM Business Club.

Experience all in one place, the coaching and tools you need to help make your business a success.

Marketing, Sales, Networking and Technical expertise.



Once You've Signed Up.....

1. We'll tell you more

We’ll then pop you into our beta members information campaign where we’ll send you a series of short emails telling you all about the PRISM Business Club, what it contains, what you can expect, how you’ll benefit, and I’ll even explain how you can help.

2. Learn what mistakes are made

The biggest mistakes small business owners make when it comes to their marketing and how to avoid them

3. The Four membership pillars

Learn, Do, Connect, and Share.

There will be courses for wherever you are on your marketing and sales journey. Bring your new marketing message to our networking events to practice and meet new people. We will support you as you implement the strategies and don;t forget there is a full community message board to discuss with others and connect with experts.

4. What events there will be

The regular events we hold to make sure you get the help and support you need to build and grow your business. There are coaching sessions, training masterminds, tech expertise and all are recorded and stored in the membership vault.

5. Master the Tech

The Tech Bench (this is exciting a lot of people right now).  Modern marketing tends to be ‘Tech Heavy’ but if you’re not a techy it’s daunting!  And we’re here to help you get the right tech stack for your business without becoming a computer geek or getting a migrane!

Whether you are just about to dabble in email marketing, need a landing page, want a lead magnet or have sophisticated sales funnels already set up - there is something for you.

So get in now and reap the benefits of being a founder member when we launch the offer in June 2024.

Be one of the first people to see inside the PRISM Business Club.

Experience all in one place, the coaching and tools you need to help make your business a success.

Marketing, Sales, Networking and Technical expertise.